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3 Reasons Why Toko Token (TKO) is the Prime Cryptocurrency for Value Investing

In August 2021, the Chairman of the United States (U.S)’s Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler was reported as having labelled the crypto domain as “the Wild West’’ in possible reference to the early post-Feudalism days of capitalism which is generally referred to as frontier capitalism. In the course of making his case on the need for crypto regulations, Gary was quoted as saying that “A lot of people are likely to get hurt.”

Fast forward to January 2022, the wiping off of about USD205 billion worth of market capitalization in the course of less than 24 hours running up to 21 January 2022 may indeed have hurt quite a lot of crypto investors. While theories are abound about the cause of this most recent of crypto crashes, the multifaceted and open textured nature of the crypto market, which is not unlike that of other financial investment markets, means that it is unlikely that anyone would be able to say for certain what are the primary causes let alone the sole cause of this crash.

Crypto Crash: A Boon for Value Investing

One thing we can say for certain though is that if crypto is to become mainstream, the current levels of volatility afflicting the crypto market would be untenable. Granted, the crypto market is still relatively nascent but it is an incontrovertible fact that the market is increasingly becoming an integral part of the global financial system spurred on by the shifting risk and yield curves of conventional investment markets which in turn are caused by the changing dynamics of the macroeconomics landscape and the revisions to the fiscal monetary policies put in place by governments from countries around the world. If the crypto market is to take its rightful place in the financial investment market, it would need to have a more stable equilibrium axis whereby for starters, crypto investors can do their part by refraining from behaving like “Mr. Market” which is a term coined by Benjamin Graham (who hails Warren Buffett as one of his many distinguished students) to represent the stereotypical investor who is prone to making irrational decisions based on the primal emotions of fear and greed in response to the prevalent fluctuations in the market.

As with any other investment market, the crypto market has a tendency for cyclical upswings and downturns whereby the current downturn may be nothing more than another round of market corrections. In terms of its effects, the current downturn in the crypto market would inevitably give rise to buying pressure as investors look to buy the dip whereby a particular investment strategy which may come in handy is that of value investing. In essence, value investing refers to buying investment instruments at a discount i.e. at a trading price which is lower than the intrinsic value of these instruments. The current crypto market downturn which has given rise to a market-wide phenomenon of cryptocurrencies trading at prices that are lower than their intrinsic value is a boon for value investing. One of the fundamental factors that value investors should consider is the underlying business model of the cryptocurrency including its existing and upcoming functional use cases as these factors render the cryptocurrency to have a high degree of intrinsic value which is the ultimate yardstick when it comes to value investing.

Besides intrinsic value, another factor that value investors should consider is the overall game plan of a target cryptocurrency such as its overarching ecosystem development as this signifies the growth potential of the cryptocurrency which is key to value investing because as the master of this investment strategy, Warren Buffett puts it, “Growth and value investing are joined at the hips.” Additionally, crypto investors should also consider the future development plans set out by the issuer of their target cryptocurrency because a long term strategy is an essential component of value investing whereby to quote Warren Buffett again, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.” All in all, the current downturn of the crypto market provides a golden opportunity for value investors to buy the dip by adding to their portfolio cryptocurrencies which are trading at prices that are lower than their intrinsic value before HODLing these currencies for the long term till their inherent growth potential come to fruition.

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Toko Token (TKO): A Most Valuable Crypto Investment

The innate value of TKO is illustrated by its record-breaking launch on Binance Launchpad on 7 April 2021 which resulted in a 50,000% oversubscription of the token’s hard cap of 75 million units with a total of 10,502,201 Binance Coin (BNB) (approximately USD 4 billion in value based on the price of BNB on 7 April 2021) subscribed for the launch. Here are 3 features of TKO which provides 3 reasons why the token is the prime cryptocurrency for value investing:-

Feature 1: High Intrinsic Value

Tokocrypto’s plan of action for TKO is to shore up its fundamentals through the continuous development of new functional use cases for the token to add to its long line of existing use cases whereby this imbues TKO with a high degree of intrinsic value which is set be even greater in time to come. Nonetheless in the same way that “Rome was not built in a day”, the development of new functional use cases for TKO takes time and that is why the optimal investment strategy for TKO holders is to HODL the token for the long term, or at least for the next few years.

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Feature 2: Future Growth Potential

As the native utility token of Tokoverse, TKO is set to grow in tandem with the development of its overarching ecosystem which as of now already spans an exchange (Tokocrypto), an offline community hub (T-Hub), a crypto education arm (TokoScholar) and a NFT marketplace (TokoMall) with much more to come as the ecosystem continues to expand into other domains including GameFi through the deployment of the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism and the Metaverse through the establishment of Tokocrypto Metaverse.

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Feature 3: Long Term Strategy

With the distribution of TKO having reached the four corners of the world, the Tokoverse strategy entails the global expansion of TKO through the creation of tactical functionalities for the token by equipping it with a full spectrum of use cases in multi-industries with the prospects of multi-nationalities thereby connecting the ecosystem with the international crypto domain.

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In the topsy-turvy crypto market especially in times of downturn, the best words of advice could be those of Rudyard Kipling from his poem “If” which is to “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.” Value investing can help crypto investors keep their heads as the application of this strategy helps them pierce through the illusion of price to discern the essence of value thereby enabling these investors to be rest assured that the cryptocurrencies which they have invested in would prevail through the ups and downs of the crypto market. Case in point is TKO whose high intrinsic value, significant growth potential and long term strategy renders it to stand out as the prime cryptocurrency for value investing.

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