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3 Reasons Why Tokoverse is a Highly Resilient Crypto Ecosystem

As the crypto sphere continues to grapple with its recent meltdown, the fault lines in industry are increasingly emerging to highlight the interconnected nature of the various domains and stakeholders of the industry. Not unlike the natural environment where the different aspects of land, air and sea are interconnected with one another, the same can be said for the crypto sphere whereby the major platforms are inextricably intertwined with one another and this brings us to the ecosystem approach.

Binance: Leading the Way for the Ecosystem Approach with Build-and-Build (BNB) Chain

In the context of the natural environment, the ecosystem approach has been adopted with the aim of promoting the sustainability of the environment through the conservation and protection of the natural ecosystem. By analogy, the application of the ecosystem approach in relation to the crypto sphere entails the enhancement of the long term sustainability of the industry through the adoption of balanced and structured development frameworks.

Leading the way in this regard is Binance’s BNB Chain which has developed core architectural solutions and strategies for expanding its network. Thanks to this, the unique user metrics of BNB has defied the odds to record positive growth over the course of the second quarter (Q2) of 2022. In line with its ecosystem approach, BNB Chain would be developing its validator set and deploying zk-roll ups and side chains as part of the network’s evolution over the course of the next few months.

Tokoverse: Harnessing BNB Chain’s Resilience

As a crypto ecosystem which operates using BNB Chain, Tokoverse has been able to harness the network’s balanced and structured development to boost its resilience and here are 3 reasons why.

Reason #1 — Tokocrypto’s Exchange Track Record

Through the ups and downs of the crypto market, Tokocrypto’s exchange which operates using BNB Chain as its first-layer blockchain has maintained an unblemished track record.

Photo: Tokocrypto’s Exchange / Tokocrypto

Reason #2 — Toko Token (TKO)’s Metrics

Notwithstanding the slump in the crypto market, TKO has managed to hold its own thanks to its elaborate tokenomics mechanism which factors in the various market contingencies.

Photo: TKO’s Tokenomics / Tokocrypto

Reason #3 — Rise and Rise of TokoMall

In tandem with the exponential increase in the sales volume recorded by BNB-based NFT marketplaces in Q2 2022, TokoMall is one of the fastest growing NFT marketplaces in Indonesia.

Photo: TokoMall’s Statistics / Tokocrypto

Tokoverse’s resilience renders it to be the ecosystem of choice for crypto enthusiasts looking to get through the current crypto meltdown with their faith and belief in crypto intact.

Did you know that TKO is now available on all these platforms?

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