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3 Reasons Why Tokoverse is the Place for Good Crypto Samaritans

The current crypto meltdown has pushed the market into an existential crisis as industry stakeholders grapple with the future direction of the crypto domain. In times like these, it is imperative that industry stakeholders look deep within themselves and undertake some introspective soul searching as part of the market’s collective process of recentering its core objectives and fundamental purpose. Perhaps there could be a silver lining to the current crypto meltdown as the market works on recalibrating its ideals as to what it stands for.

Crypto: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

In a world of seemingly incessant and unbridled capitalism of every man for himself, the crypto sphere stands out with its philanthropic inclinations as reflected in the fact that about 45% of crypto investors donated at least USD1,000 to charity in 2021 in contrast with only 33% of the general population. The generosity of crypto investors has led to the non-fungible token (NFT) for charity trend whose popularity is reflected by the fact that non-profit organizations received more than USD12.3 million dollars in 2021 through NFT-related charity initiatives undertaken on crypto donation platform, The Giving Block.

A standout example of the use of NFT for charity is the donation in October 2021 by a digital artist in the Art Blocks community of about 1188.226 Ether (ETH) which was then worth about USD3.5 million to Doctors Without Borders. As the crypto market continues to forge ahead on its recovery path from its current meltdown, the altruistic spirit of the crypto community could be the light that shines the way forward.

Tokoverse: The Place for Good Crypto Samaritans

In line with Tokocrypto’s profit with purpose ideology, Tokoverse has included several features to facilitate the use of NFT for charity and here are 3 reasons why Tokoverse is the place for good crypto samaritans:-

Reason #1 — TokoCare CSR Arm

Tokocrypto has established TokoCare as its corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm through which it deploys the components of Tokoverse for social welfare and community empowerment.

Photo: TokoCare / Tokocrypto

Reason #2 — NFT Charity Auction

At the height of the pandemic in August 2021, Tokocrypto organized Indonesia’s first NFT charity auction which managed to sell 1,024 NFT artworks and managed to raise 222 ETH which was then worth about USD675,000+ in four hours.

Photo: 222 ETH / Jelajah Coin

Reason #3 — TokoMall NFT Charity

TokoMall has partnered with Garuda Kencana Batik and BenihBaik to donate part of the proceeds of purchases of Garuda’s NFT collection on TokoMall to charities in Indonesia.

Photo: TokoMall NFT for Charity / Tokocrypto

True to Tokocrypto’s fundamentals as a community-centric company, Tokoverse has become the go-to place for crypto enthusiasts looking to contribute to the needy thereby rendering the ecosystem to be the place for good crypto Samaritans.

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