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3 Reasons Why Tokoverse is the Place to Live the Crypto Lifestyle

The rise of technology has transformed our modern lifestyle whereby our wants and needs could be met through a few taps on a smartphone equipped with internet connectivity. The greatest benefactor has been the developing economies of Southeast Asia (SEA) notably that of Indonesia’s whose digital economy is projected to have a gross merchandise value (GMV) of USD146 billion by 2025 before skyrocketing to reach between USD230 billion and USD330 billion by 2030.

Web 3.0: Harnessing Decentralization for the Democratization of the Internet

The convenience of digital connectivity does have a flip side in the form of corporate hegemony with a particularly thorny issue being that of personal data protection. Among the tech companies which have been fined for failure to comply with the European Union (EU)’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes Amazon (USD877 million), Whatsapp (USD255 million), Google (USD178.3 million) and Facebook (USD68 million).

It was in this context that Web 3.0 came about as an evolutionary version of the World Wide Web (WWW) with Web3.0 being a decentralized and democratized alternative to Web 2.0. Web 3.0-based Internet has given rise to the newfound concept of Metaverse and Indonesia whose cryptocurrency ownership rate of 41% stands as the highest in Asia Pacific (APAC) would be leading the way when it comes to transforming SEA into a global Metaverse portal.

Photo: Web 3.0 and Metaverse / XR Portal

Tokoverse: Where the Crypto Lifestyle Comes Alive

With 61% of the Indonesian population being of the opinion that cryptocurrencies are the future of money, the crypto lifestyle is the new fad in Indonesia and here are 3 reasons why Tokoverse is the place to live the crypto lifestyle:-

Reason #1 — Toko Token (TKO), the Epitome of Crypto Utility

As the native utility token of Tokoverse, TKO epitomizes crypto utility by enabling its holders to pay, shop and travel through its long list of functional use cases including Binance Pay, and

Photo: TKO’s Functional Use Cases / Tokocrypto

Reason #2 — T-Hub, the Crypto Clubhouse in Bali

With its NFT art gallery, a swimming pool as well as bars and restaurants, T-Hub is a TKO-powered crypto clubhouse in the picturesque island of Bali in Indonesia that serves as the ideal venue for Asia’s blockchain community to get a taste of the crypto lifestyle.

Photo: T-Hub’s Lifestyle Facilities / Tokocrypto

Reason #3 — TokoMall, the Embodiment of Crypto Art

TokoMall which is hosting more than 4 thousand more unique collections from over 14 thousand creators is the embodiment of crypto art by serving as a platform that is providing global accessibility to Indonesia’s uniquely rich tapestry.

Photo: TokoMall’s Top Creators / Tokocrypto

In the same way that the Internet which was once an alien technological concept but has now become enmeshed as an inextricable part of our modern lifestyle, cryptocurrency is embarking on the path towards mainstream use with Tokoverse being the ideal place to live the crypto lifestyle.

Did you know that TKO is now available on all these platforms?

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