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3 Reasons Why Tokoverse is the Place to Master Crypto Behavioural Finance

The volatility of the crypto market as illustrated by its current downturn has prompted some crypto detractors to prophesied that the end is nigh for the market. Notwithstanding all the doom and gloom, the current downturn in the crypto market could be a blessing in disguise as it does have a silver lining if it can help bring crypto investors to the realization that the prospects of the market lies very much in their hands or more precisely in their behaviour.

Crypto Behavioural Finance: The Antidote for Crypto Market Volatility

Historically, the crypto market has experienced bouts of excessive volatility which is symptomatic of overactive trading behaviour among crypto investors. The tendencies for crypto investors to have recourse to fallacious behaviours such as herding and anchoring result in inefficiencies in the crypto market in departure from the efficient-market hypothesis due to these investors basing their trading decisions on prevalent sentiments and mere biases as opposed to factual information.

The end result is the all too frequent cycles of upswings and downturns in the crypto market, hence the need for crypto behavioural finance as the antidote for the market’s volatility. Behavioural finance posits that when investors in a market abandon their sense of logic and make decisions in an irrational manner, the trading conditions of the market would not be reflective of its fundamentals and could remain in such a state for long periods of time which could be one of the underlying reasons for the current protracted crypto winter season.

Tokoverse: The Home of Crypto Education

As an industry leader, Tokocrypto aims to empower crypto investors and here are 3 reasons why the Tokoverse is the place to master crypto behavioural finance:-

Reason #1 — TokoScholar

As the crypto education arm of Tokoverse, TokoScholar has collaborated with various universities including Telkom University to offer blockchain and crypto learning modules.

Photo: TokoScholar / Tokocrypto

Reason #2 — Kriptoversity

Kriptoversity is a mobile application through which Tokoverse harnesses the Learn-to-Earn (L2E) concept to reward users of the application with Toko Tokens (TKOs).

Photo: Kriptoversity / Tokocrypto

Reason #3 — Tokocrypto Insights

In order to help crypto investors make information-based decisions, Tokoverse has deployed Tokocrypto Insights as a market analysis tool which provides data-driven trading signals.

Photo: Tokocrypto Insights / Tokocrypto

Through its various blockchain and crypto education programmatic functions, Tokoverse is helping to build a less volatile and more stable crypto market by serving as a place to master crypto behavioural finance.

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